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Apco 600 Series (Globe Style) Silent Check Valves

  • Manufacturer: APCO
  • Valve Type: Check Valves - Swing Check / Dual Plate Check / Ball Check / Piston Check / Flap Check / Wafer Check / Non Slam Check
  • Sub-Type: Apco Silent Check Valves
  • Sizes 3" thru 42".
  • Ratings 125# thru 600# class.


Excellent to prevent Water Hammer, in multi-story buildings and vertical turbine pump installations, when pumping from a well to an elevated reservoir. The Valve closes, SILENTLY! Low in cost, reliable and requires no regular maintenance. Principle of operation: When pump stops, spring forces disc closed instantly against slight pump head at zero velocity, (theoretically a static condition) hence, SILENT CLOSURE! Body - Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel or Bronze. Internals - Bronze, Stainless.


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